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In-Home Care Services

Nursing Care

Basic Health Monitoring
Skin: monitor for signs of breakdown, apply pressure reduction measures
Nutrition: monitor weight, nutritional intake, adhere to dietary restrictions
Vital Signs: take blood pressure, temperatures, pulses; report changes
Intake / Output: encourage adequate fluids, monitor fluid intake and urine output
Lab Monitoring: perform prescribed blood work and report results

Skilled Nursing CareMedication Management
Teaching: instruct new medications or monitor changes in regime per plan of care, assess response, side effects, and adverse reactions
Injections: administer prescribed injections per authorized plan of care, report side effects, adverse reactions
Supplies: manage supply of prescriptions to have all meds on-hand

New Diabetic: insulin injection and special skin care instruction, emergency protocol
Diet: encourage compliance with diet restrictions
Glucose Monitoring: check blood glucose per orders, report results
Insulin: encourage compliance with insulin injections as prescribed, follow-up and report compliance

nursing care servicesMobility
Home Assessment: evaluate home safety needs, arrange for adaptive equipment
Therapy: evaluate/recommend physical therapy to regain strength and ability to perform activities of daily living
Teaching: instruct prescribe exercise regime and safe ambulation with/without assistive devices

Wound and Bedsores
Wound/Bedsore: monitor wound, incision or bedsore healing, evaluate for signs/symptoms of infection and treatment response
Teach Care: provide wound or bedsore care instruction, evaluate technique, compliance
Treatment: perform wound/bedsore care as prescribed, report signs and symptoms of infection and progress

Ostomies: Colostomy, Urostomy
New Ostomy: teach ostomy care, preventive skin care, troubleshooting
Care: assist with ostomy changes, monitoring peri-stomal skin blood work and report results

Tracheotomy Care

Feeding Tubes: G-Tube, NG Tube
New Tube: teach pro-active skin care, dressing changes and troubleshooting problems with blockage, tube placement, skin infections
Tube Changes: insert new tube per authorized plan of care and as needed
Feeding: teach tube feeding regime, evaluate competency and compliance
Care: perform daily and as needed dressing changes and skin care to tube site

Catheters: Foley Indwelling and External
New Catheter: teach drainage bag changes, cleaning, securing tubing, trouble shooting dislodged catheters, placement, blockages, drainage amounts
Catheter Changes: insert catheter per authorized plan of care and as needed
Care: perform daily and as needed catheter care including emptying drainage bag, monitoring intake and output, cleaning and securing tubing and bags

Hospice Assistance

Homemaking/Household Tasks

Light Housekeeping:
clean and keep tidy patient's (only) living areas - dusting, empty trash, etc...
Laundry: wash and change bed linens, personal items
Meals: grocery shop, plan, prepare, clean up meals, prepare future meals
Organization: scheduling daily tasks, mail sorting, other home maintenance
Pet Care: assist with pet care
Safety: supervise in home to avoid falls, household accidents and ensure easy access to emergency contacts
Transportation Services*: drive and escort shopping, religious services, errands, bank, medical appointments, prescription pickups . * Transportation with your vehicle or for a 50 cent per mile rate using an aide's vehicle.In Your Golden Years Personal Care Services

Personal Care

Eating: assist feeding, provide nutritious meals and adequate fluids
Bathing: assist bathing, tub/shower transfers, bed-baths as needed
Dressing/Grooming/Personal Hygiene: assist dressing, hair care, shaving, oral hygiene, glasses, hearing aides, special orthotics (i.e. braces)
Ambulation/Mobility: assist with walking, encourage safety when using assistive devices
Toileting: assist to bathroom; bed pan, urinal and bedside commode usage
Incontinence: assist changing undergarments, diapers, pads, related skin care
Medication Reminders: reminders to take medication on scheduled basis

Respite Care

We provide family members and caregivers with peace of mind while taking a well deserved rest, knowing they can feel secure about our in home care.
Companionship Services: encourage social participation and conversation, stimulate mental awareness, plan and escort on outings, participate with and encourage involvement in recreational activities
Insure Safety & Security - answer door and phone, monitor home deliveries, assist with evening and tuck-in, aid with morning and wake-up, supervise home activities

Michigan Coverage AreaService Area

Our In-Home
Care coverage area includes the following Michigan counties:

Arenac, Gladwin, Clare, Isabella, Midland, Bay, Huron, Sanilac, Tuscola, Saginaw, Gratiot, Clinton, Shiawassee, Genesee, Lapeer, St. Clair, Macomb, Oakland, Livingston, and Ingham.

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