Caregivers – Keep Your Stress In Check

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These 10 tips will keep your stress in check:

  1. Care for yourself. You deserve it. 
  2. Get out and be with friends. Everyone needs a social outlet and being with friends can help you put things in perspective and ease your stress level.
  3. Stay healthy. 
    a. Eat well.   When it comes to combating stress levels, what you eat may actually help relieve your tension.
    b. Get enough sleep – Create a cool, calm and quiet environment for sleep.
    c. Find time to exercise.
  4. Deal with your feelings. 
    Bottling up your emotions is a physically and mentally unhealthy behavior. Make an appointment with a professional counselor, or join a caregiver support group if you experience symptops of apathy, depression and sadness.
  5. Find time to relax.
    Get involved in a quiet activity you enjoy. Read, walk or listen to music to help you unwind.
  6. Just say no to other’s seeking help with projects, events, etc.
    Know your limits and stick to them.
  7. Ask for help.
    Enlist your relatives to help with certain tasks. Make sure you discuss things and work through any conflicts with siblings and other relatives.
  8. If your family can’t help out seek out home care services.
    Home care providers can shoulder some of the many responsibilities of care giving.
  9. Stay positive.
    Focus on what you have been able to accomplish and the quality time you have had with your loved one. Avoid negative thoughts.
  10. Prioritize your responsibilities.
    Tackle the most important tasks first, and don’t worry if you can’t manage everything. Tomorrow is another day.



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