Our registered nurses work closely with your loved one’s physician or discharge planners to provide medically necessary or recommended care, catheter care, flu shots, etc. Our RNs will reduce medication problems by closely monitoring and ensuring a safe and effective medication schedule.



Basic Health Monitoring
Skin: monitor for signs of breakdown, apply pressure reduction measures
Nutrition: monitor weight, nutritional intake, adhere to dietary restrictions
Vital Signs: take blood pressure, temperatures, pulses; report changes
Intake/Output: encourage adequate fluids, monitor fluid intake and urine output
Lab Monitoring: perform prescribed blood work and report results

Medication Management
Teaching: instruct new medications or monitor changes in regime per plan of care, assess response, side effects, and adverse reactions
Injections: administer prescribed injections per authorized plan of care, report side effects, adverse reactions
Supplies: manage the supply of prescriptions to have all meds on-hand

Diabetes Care
New Diabetic: insulin injection and special skincare instruction, emergency protocol
Diet: encourage compliance with diet restrictions
Glucose Monitoring: check blood glucose per orders, report results
Insulin: encourage compliance with insulin injections as prescribed, follow-up and report compliance

Wound Care
Wound/Bedsore: monitor wound, incision or bedsore healing, evaluate for signs/symptoms of infection and treatment response
Teach Care: provide wound or bedsore care instruction, evaluate technique, compliance
Treatment: perform wound/bedsore care as prescribed, report signs and symptoms of infection and progress

Ostomies: Colostomy, Urostomy
New Ostomy: teach ostomy care, preventive skin care, troubleshooting
Care: assist with ostomy changes, monitoring peri-stomal skin blood work, and report results

Tracheotomy Care/Feeding Tubes: G-Tube, NG Tube
New Tube: teach pro-active skincare, dressing changes, and troubleshooting problems with a blockage, tube placement, skin infections
Tube Changes: insert new tube per authorized plan of care and as needed
Feeding: teach tube feeding regime, evaluate competency and compliance
Care: perform daily and as needed dressing changes and skincare to a tube site

Catheters: Foley Indwelling and External
New Catheter: teach drainage bag changes, cleaning, securing tubing, troubleshooting dislodged catheters, placement, blockages, drainage amounts
Catheter Changes: insert catheter per authorized plan of care and as needed
Care: perform daily and as needed catheter care including emptying drainage bag, monitoring intake and output, cleaning and securing tubing and bags