Our Advantages

Why Choose Us?

Providing in-home care for your loved one means allowing the service team into your personal residence. This requires that you are comfortable in the knowledge that In Your Golden Years caregivers, skilled nursing, therapy and hospice providers can be trusted with the care of your loved ones.

Hiring Policies
Due to our strict hiring policies and security measures, the person(s) that we hire and allow into your home is trustworthy, considerate, caring, and empathic. Employment candidates and potential hires are carefully screened by In Your Golden Years.

The Right Fit
Individuals have unique personalities and not everyone proves to be a perfect fit in certain situations. In Your Golden Years spends the extra time to coordinate and match the right caregiver to your loved one’s situation and unique needs.

Employee Training
Your caregivers receive expert training and your loved one will receive the best possible care from our in-home care team.

Managed Care
Your loved one’s care is managed and supervised on an on-going basis. Clients’ needs change and so do our care plans. In Your Golden Years will be there throughout the continuum of care that is required for your loved one.

On Your Time, Not Ours
Our caregiving schedule is centered around you and your loved one’s needs, not ours. A caregiver will be assigned and available based on your scheduling requirements. In addition, In Your Golden Years’ top priority is ensuring all of our employees are on time and available as needed.