Understanding Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Pay

MEDICAID – To qualify for Medicaid you must meet income and asset qualifications through DHS or the Waiver program through Region VII and Saginaw A&D.

MEDICARE – To qualify for Medicare you must be 65 years or older. Medicare will be billed first and if you have other insurance it will be billed secondary.

PRIVATE PAY – Private pay is an hourly rate billed to you for services that we perform in your home.


Be sure to ask for In-Home Health Care through In Your Golden Years if you are eligible for the MI Choice Waiver Program through:

• Region VII – accepting referrals for the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver program, which provides free in-home services. You may be eligible if you meet the following guidelines:

– Is your monthly income at or below $3,250 with assets of $2,000 or less not counting your house and car?
– Do you require help with activities of daily living?

Saginaw County Commission on Aging
• Bay County Division on Aging
• A&D Home Health Care

Medicare and Hospice services are available through our partnerships

In Your Golden Years accepts the following insurance:

health insuranceMedicare
Medicare Advantage
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan
Molina Medicare
Molina Medicaid
United Healthcare
Accident Insurance
Contract Infusion
Prime Health

Medicare Advantage
Blue Cross

CHAPS AccreditedIn Your Golden years is affiliated with accredited skilled home care and hospice provider. The provider is an Accountable Care Organization and is Medicare Certified and CHAP Accredited.

What does an accountable care organization do?

  • Health homes and ACOs are responsible for providing the full range of healthcare services for the populations they serve. ACOs serve many Americans: Medicare and Medicaid enrollees, the commercially insured and self-insured employer groups.
  • The providers comprising an ACO work together to improve their clients’ health, provide better care, and reduce costs while achieving identified outcomes. The participating providers share the savings generated by their good work.

Our partnership enables us to accept an array of insurances (listed above) and provide the best home care possible for our clients.

Call us at 1-600-858-1637 or fax a referral to 1-989-893-2651 so that we are able to assess and verify whether services will be provided by your insurance carrier or if you are eligible for any services.

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